Sunday, January 10, 2010

time saving tip

Instead of place cards, write the names of your guests on these (or any type) of small envelopes and put their table names or numbers inside. This way, you can accommodate last minute changes, additions and cancellations without rewriting entire place cards. It’s a big time and money saver, especially if you have your cards lettered by a calligrapher, or printed by a designer like me. The night before my wedding, my darling bridesmaids rearranged the tables to make room for some extra guests and changed out the name cards of some flu victims who canceled at the last minute, and no one was the wiser. Lisa Holtzman did this gorgeous calligraphy. To see more of her work, check out
And here's the link to the tiny envelopes you can order at Paper Source:"

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  1. Hi Katie! Thanks for posting a photo of my calligraphy. I'm so glad you were pleased with my work! I will be posting a link to your website which is coming along nicely. Congratulations to you and your new hubby!!