Friday, January 22, 2010

There are so many gorgeous choices that you are bombarded with planning a wedding or any sort of party, and I wanted to stay streamlined and disciplined with my design motif and not get carried off in every direction. My mother went wacko with wedding magazines and books when I started my wedding plans,and obsessed over a cake topper she saw in in a magazine. A Swarovski Crystal monogram, what's not to like?She ran off and ordered it as a surprise for me, but the monogram on the top of my cake is in the script she chose, and the monograms everywhere else are the block letters I chose. And you know, much like in fashion, it turned out nice to mix it up a little and not be all matchy - matchy. Here's a picture of my delicious cake from extraordinary cake designer Nancy Kay, and a link to who made this beautiful monogram.You can order your own in script or block letters.

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