Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working with Elianna and Lauren...

After our meeting with Eli and Lauren, and a few emails,we are narrowing down our choices and finalizing our fonts! It's lovely to meet girls who are so interested in the details of their B'not Mitzvah, and who enjoy learning about graphic design and the letterpress process. Its going to be fun doing their personal stationery and Bat Mitzvah programs, menus and other surprises.

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  1. Wow!! I cannot tell you how we loved the final invitations. Katie had one stamped and waiting for me and the girls to view. Even Grandma got to see and feel the incredible paper. THe texture of the hand printing was so unique to us in the evite age. This is something to be cherished by the hostess and the guests. When you open this invite you know something special is being planned. I have always said the invitation sets the tone for the celebration. I feel that opening the invitation is a celebration in itself. It just feels so good and wow what a treat for the eyes. Katie you are a talented artisan. Be proud. I am for sending out such an outstanding and lovely invitations that will be cherished by all.